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About Us


REIG Asset Management is a privately held real estate investment firm based in San Diego County. We are the premiere real estate solutions provider in San Diego helping homeowners and revitalizing communities.

Invest With Us

Are you a real estate investor?

REIG offers a variety of methods to work with real estate investors like yourself who would like to earn a healthy return on their money secured by real estate. If you have some money set aside and would like to increase potential for returns then we can work with you in a variety of different ways. We also provide avenues for new investors to partner with us to find and act on investment opportunities across San Diego county.

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Our Core Values


Revitalizing Communities
Elevating Expectations
Integrity First
Gratitude Always


Valued Realtor Partners

Attention Realtors: Are you sick of tired of dealing with flaky, non-responsive, and demanding investor buyers? It’s no doubt that if you have braved a distressed seller, short sale or REO listing within the last 2 years in San Diego that you have most likely crossed paths with an investor or 20. Distressed sales are rampant, and so are investors who promise the world (with no guarantee backing it up whatsoever) and inevitably fall short of those promises without a second thought of how that may affect you and your business.

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Our Charitable Contribution: REIG Operation Renovation


REIG Construction and several other gracious & generous sponsors are giving back to our “Hometown Heroes,” by donating a full home renovation to a military family in need.

Mission Objective: Our purpose is to honor, celebrate, and change the lives of local military heroes through a passionate and purposed home renovation.

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REIG makes working with sellers and their agents in a very emotional phase of the sellers’ lives a little easier with their commitment to close their transactions as agreed. REIG are the good guys!

Narda Stroesser
Narda StroesserRealtor, Willis Allen Real Estate

…I would recommend REIG without question to someone who was looking to sell their property.

Brian McKinneyDirect Seller, Paradise Hills, San Diego

REIG was very easy to work with and we were able to move through escrow in a flash. Very professional work and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Bradford Damm
Bradford DammShort Sale San Diego

REIG made the process extremely easy. Marcel and Danny was constant contact and answered any questions I had and actually took a big load off my shoulders and made the process of moving a lot easier.

Corey OswaltDirect Seller, San Diego, CA

I marvel at my good fortune to have contacted and worked with you and your team at REIG. Doing business with you has been a pleasure, and of course your professionalism and competence have been a huge benefit to me and my family.

Peter McDougallDirect Seller, Clairemont, San Diego, CA

To the REIG company, Marcel did an awesome job from beginning to end, he came through with honesty and customer service above all. Thank you.

Hector QuirogaDirect Seller, National City, San Diego, CA

I have had a business partnership with REIG Investments, Brian Daly, for the past year. I am an agent that represents REO listings. I have had several transactions with REIG in the past year. They have been forthright in their negotiations and timely in their closings. Whenever I have listing that meets their criteria, they are my first call. When I sell them a property, it is sold.

Theresa Hidalgo-Judis
Theresa Hidalgo-JudisAtlanta Pacific Real Estate, Poway, CA

I would highly recommend REIG as they are very detail oriented in their acquisitions and their renovations. REIG has proven to be incredible in achieving deadline driven contractual negotiations and are always ready to close on time. I look forward to many more transactions with REIG as they are easy to work with and a proven team!

Jack Dudenhoeffer
Jack DudenhoefferDudenhoeffer & Associates, Fallbrook, CA

It was a pleasure to work with Brian and the REIG Asset Management team. More importantly, it was exactly as it was presented. Brian contacted me about my listing and his interest in purchasing. He was straight forward with what they do and that they wanted me to represent them. As anyone knows that represents short sales, the process has many issues and roadblocks. Brian responded immediately on all paperwork request, making it easy to keep the transaction moving forward. I will certainly be calling him in the future with any listing that fit their criteria.

Vincent Morris
Vincent MorrisRealtor, Real Living Lifestyles, San Diego, CA

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